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5 reasons to switch your deodorant today

Deodorant! It’s a topic that is widely discussed by Vegans and it is so damn hard to move from a conventional deodorant to a Vegan one. Don’t worry, after reading these reasons, you’ll want to switch, and we have the solution for you!

So, 5 reasons why a natural deodorant is much, much better for you:

  1. You don’t have to worry about aluminium being in your body. There have been many studies linking aluminium to all sorts of ailments. Next blog we’ll provide a list of the top ten chemicals you want to avoid in any personal care products including deodorants.

  2. Natural deodorants actually let you sweat. This is incredibly important. Sweating allows your body to release chemicals, heavy metals and it’s cleansing for your skin.

  3. Conventional deodorant can actually make your body odour worse. Because conventional deodorants have pore clogging ingredients, that build up overtime and can make you much more smelly, even stain your skin and clothes.

  4. Natural deodorants don’t eliminate the good bacteria. With a conventional deodorant the aim is get rid of all bacteria, but you need good bacteria on your skin to ensure that skin’s microbiome is healthy. The good thing about having good bacteria on your skin is that you tend to smell less even without any deodorant on.

  5. Natural deodorants are healthy for your skin. Your skin is happiest when you’re not coating it with harsh chemicals. You’ll find when you switch, your armpits will look and feel better.

Ever get red marks and itchiness? It’s those damn chemicals in your current deodorant. Switching deodorant regularly helps avoid you becoming sensitized. Bottomline, using pure natural, organic oils provide the best solution for the long-term health of your skin. Take a look at our totally Vegan and organic moisturising deodorants.


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